Prepare Your Rental Property For Winter Storms

If you possess a second property and you have decided to start a part-time business by renting it out, you will have many duties especially at the beginning when certain investment activities are in order.

Every season has its own requirements for maintaining a property. When you say spring – the first thing that comes to mind is a deep spring cleaning. It’s very similar as the set of cleaning services which provide CleaningSure for their clients. They will clean your windows, walls, kitchen equipment, tiles, etc.

In summer as a landlord, you should start some repair works necessary for your property. Call professional builders to repair the roof. The expert plumbers will fix the problems in the bathroom. If some tiles need to be changed, summer is the best season for this. Provide a deep cleaning for your thick curtains and carpets and in the hot summer days they will have enough time to dry properly.

In autumn it’s usually the garden that needs much work and time to be cleaned from all the dry leaves. Dead tree branches and limbs will need to be trimmed. If you leave them for spring, strong winter winds will bring them down and may damage the property. It’s better to leave this job to the experts. Professional gardener cleaners CleaningSure is proud of will do all this job for you. Clean properly the gutters from dead leaves and debris, because in winter they will freeze and cause damages to the walls and ceilings of your property.

If your property has a working fireplace, you must check the chimney before starting using it. October is best time to do this. To prevent water pipes from freezing, wrap the ones that are exposed to the frost. If winter storms are usual for your area, provide your tenants with a list of instruction how to proceed in times of storm. They will need a stock of candles, batteries, food and water just in case. Provide them with emergency telephone list of contacts they may need during the winter stormy days.