How to install a bathroom sink: Get help from Bathroom fitters in Kingston upon Thames

How to install a bathroom sink if you live in Greater London ? The method of installation of all sinks is universal (with the exception of some extravagant special constructions), which encourages people to try to do the installation themselves. Here are some tips from professionals – Bathroom fitters in Kingston.

It is important to mount the sink securely and firmly on the wall, as well as at the correct height. To make it convenient for use by all family members, the following rule applies: the upper edge of the sink should be at a distance of 82 to 86 cm from the floor.

Preparation for installation

First determine the exact position of the sink (use a spirit level and a meter), mark the places of the dowels and deepen them slightly (or mark them with paper tape), advise experts from Maximore.

Attention: It is best to have two people available during installation. One should hold the sink and the other should mark the location of the dowels.

Carefully drill holes in the intended places with a drill and a stone drill (switch off the percussion function). Insert the dowels into the holes using a hammer. Then screw the studs firmly into the wall.

If the water system is clogged with plugs, remove them and install angle valves on the hot and cold water pipes.

Before that, wrap Teflon tape and tow around the thread for extra sealing. Install the fittings while the sink is accessible from all sides. Pass the hot and cold water connections through the provided opening in the sink. Take the two washers, place the extended clamping nut on the threaded pins and tighten.

To install the overflow, pass the upper part of the drain valve together with the seal on top through the sink drain hole, insert another seal on the bottom and screw in the lower part of the valve.
Take the horizontal rod and mount it on the armature. Then place the vertical and connect them tightly.

Final installation

For the final installation of a bathroom sink, two people are needed again. Place the sink on both studs, place the plastic washers and nuts on the underside of the sink and tighten them with a wrench. Check that the sink is level. If necessary – adjust.

Then you can put the cap on the siphon and fix the connection of the horizontal and vertical rod. Take the end of the siphon and, with the socket already installed, insert it about 5 cm into the drain pipe. Place a gasket on the other side of the pipe and screw it into the drain gasket.

Connect the vertical and horizontal siphon rods to the extension rod and tighten the two screws. Check that everything works by driving the extension at the mixer. Finally, connect the soft connections for hot and cold water. If all this seems too complicated and impossible for you, Bathroom fitters in Kingston upon Thames are at your disposal!