Mattress Cleaning

mattress cleaning

Sleep is important for your health, performance and good spirits.

To ensure peace of mind you need, one way is to choose a suitable mattress for yourself and then keep it clean.

mattress with carpetcleaning

Start by reading the manufacturer’s labels on the mattress. This will easily orientate mainly how to keep it.

Continue cleaning: strip the bed and launder linens.
Then wash and dry your mattress pad. After that – are coming sheets and bedspread and finally according to season – duvet or comforter.

We recommend to use the hottest water and heat from dryer setting allowed – the heat will allow to be killed dust mites in your bedding. can offer you rubbish removal services. We are working in partnership with – a company that is offering rubbish removal and junk clearance services for London residents.

NB It is important for mattress cleaning and we recommend using a washable cover for your mattresses.
You can find in the stores different covers that are made from fabric bonded to a waterproof layer – you need this to prevent liquids and dead skin to touch your mattress.